Exchange Human Library

We’re hosting a “Human Library” session at Exchange on the morning of May 13! It’s a fun way to meet new people, learn, and hear stories from those you might not meet otherwise.

Participants can sign up to “borrow Human Books” – which means spending 10-15 minutes hearing from a person and having a conversation about a story or topic that they put forward.

Human Book Theme: Relationship

Better Me: The Relationship Between Grief and ResilienceNavdeep  Parmanand 

Exploring relationships between l’nu-led business, education, and reconciliationMary Beth Doucette 

Relationality from the Inside-Out: Witnessing Ourselves & One AnotherNatalie Abdou 

Human Book Theme: Reciprocity

Things I Learned Under the Northern LightsRoger Bower 

Measuring Social Impact = An act of reciprocityLisa Lowthers 

It’s just another masking Monday: Neurodivergence, periods, and work”Lydia Philip 

Human Book Theme: Responsiveness

How a Walk Around the Block Taught me we Can’t Just Walk AwayTim Lockie 

A Drop of Change: How Access to Water Transformed Lives and Livelihoods in PakistanEllahi Bakhsh Baloch 

PAY POWER PROMOTION (3P’S) for Women Leaders in Nova Scotia’s Non-ProfitsGurmit Kaur 

Responding to Climate Change: Hope and FearEmily Cowin 

Human Book Theme: Reimagining

GEO Nova Scotia’s Stone SoupDanielle Pentland + Josie Lake 

Seasonal Reflections as a Way to Push Against Grind CultureAnnika Voltan 

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Rethinking working hours through personal reflection and changing technologyRobert Newcombe 

Fighting Antisemitism: Breaking Challah, Building BridgesSchuyler H Smith 

Rest as a tool for system changeSara Bateman 

Scarce Funds for Employee Benefits? Think Again!Paul Wheeler 

The Self in SystemsLisa Villeneuve 

Reimagining resilience in times of climate changeSusan Lorraine 

More Than Grant WritersVanessa Burns 

Finding Joy: Choosing to Have a Kid in an Uncertain FutureDana Decent